We Invite You to Become a Partner of the GCDC!

The Gateway Community Development Corporation partners with a diverse group of stakeholders to deliver programs and services that empower youth, adults, and families to move up the economic ladder. We believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to achieve their highest human potential and we offer programs and services that meet people where they are that takes them where they want to go in life. We focus on raising educational attainment, employment, careers, entrepreneurship, sustainable homeownership, and affordable housing, youth development, and civic engagement to support citizens throughout the greater Yazoo region to thrive. Every dollar you invest produces economic outcomes that impact the lives of our citizens and the communities we serve. If you or your organization share our commitment to economic empowerment and personal development, please consider partnering with us to “Empower Communities and Change Lives”! For more information on our partnership and sponsorship opportunities please click here for our 2019-2020 GCDC Sponsorship Package and Guide. Click here to for the Programs Guide. Thank you for your support and partnership!

The Gateway Community Development Corporation does great work throughout the county of Yazoo because we realize we can’t do it alone!  We are also proud to engage the support of several important Financial Supporters & Partners who make the great work we do possible.