Gateway Community Development Corporation programs are designed to deliver practical, relevant and applicable solutions to empower individuals and families with the resources, skills and access they need.

When individuals have access to economic empowerment:

  1. They can have, or create, access to a quality education;
  2. They can obtain, create and/or sustain successful employment;
  3. They can secure safe, decent, sound, and affordable housing;
  4. They can effectively manage their finances and futures—for themselves and for their families;
  5. They can engage in and contribute to their communities and local governments:
    They can realize the American Dream and enhance the quality of their overall life!

For these reasons, our programs address the six key tenets of economic empowerment:

  1. Revitalizing Yazoo;
  2. Youth Development;
  3. Education;
  4. Affordable Housing;
  5. Community Outreach & Engagement